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SEO Analytics

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What is SEO Analytics?

SEO ANALYTICS refers to the reporting of your websites performance “behind the scenes”.  As we always mention, your website is like an iceberg…people only see the top 10%.  The remaining 90% BELOW the water line is where you also need to focus!

Google as 200+ items that they look for in your website to decide whether it is a “credible” site.  The better score you receive from search engines, the easier it will be for Customers to find you!

Is your Website like a Business Card or is it a Sales Lead Generation Tool?

How SEO Analytics can help with website traffic?


SEO Analytics is the 1st step you need to take to increase your search ranking.  This tool can have a massive impact on how many views you get on your website!  For many people, finding a “local” business is something we do on a regular basis, whether it be looking for a local Dentist, Restaurant or whatever…but how do they do that?

Yep, easy…as you probably guessed, most people pull out their phones and type something into Google, Bing or another search engine to find the nearest “something” that they are looking for.  Now the real questions is….Does YOUR website come up on the 1st page when someone looks up your industry?  If not, well…you may have WORK TO DO!

Receiving an SEO Analytics Report will allow you to pin point the EXACT areas you need to fix in order to be searchable AND found!  As we have mentioned in previous articles, Search Engines have 200+ items on their list that will help them decide whether your company is credible or not AND if they think people should come to you for this search inquiry.  So if you want to be found, YOU need to get familiar or least PARTNER with us at BlackBox Connections so we can make sure you ARE FOUND!

There are many tools out there that can be used to identify the areas that may need more work.  For instance these tools will identify:

  • Keyword Performance (current rank, monthly searches and competitor keywords)
  • Link Reports (bad or broken links…including spammy ones)
  • Page Performance (time it takes to load, navigation, etc.)
  • Site Layout (structure)
  • Responsiveness (mobile, ipad etc.)
  • Content (if you don’t have enough content, as this can also be negative for you)
  • Alt text (images)
  • Meta descriptions
  • Social Media (sharing gains you more credibility)


Generating a positive reputation can increase your organic rankings, which ultimately will increase your REVENUE!  Now there are many more areas, but of course we understand that it can all be a little overwhelming.  But, don’t worry we can handle it for you …just give us a call or send a message!

…Plan to Become More Visible!

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Quality Reports

Reports are a valuable and powerful tool that all businesses should be using.  Local Search Audits can clearly show you the areas that you need to focus on in order to gain more valuable traffic to your website.

More importantly, it can show you where you are wasting your money! Gone are the days where we just quickly make a website and launch.

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